Affiliated To Gauhati University


  1. To spread the light of education among the female section of the society.
  2. To educate drop out students seeking admission in our college.
  3. To educate the economically backward girls' section of the society.
  4. To educate those students who feel shy to study with male section.
  5. To create awareness among the female section of the society about their rights and duties to the society and the nation as a whole.
  6. To create ideal mother to bring forth ideal citizens to the nation.
  7. To give knowledge of different language so that they can communicate with the people of the other part of the nation.
  8. To create ideal citizen through various co-curricular activities like NSS, Scout & Guide, Red Ribbon Club, seminar, symposia and literary activities.
  9. To create awareness for preservation of our rich cultural heritage.
  10. To inculcate moral values among the women masses keeping in view with the present social degradation.